Meet Our Staff

Welcome to the new online version of the La Sierra Academy Knightly Criterion! Our yearbook staff is excited to bring you fun, timely, and spirited pieces about your school and the world you live in. Meet your student journalists for this year…

Raoul Diaz, Grade 10


My name is Raoul Guillermo Arturo Diaz. I was born in Beverly Hills, California in the year 2000. My parents where both born in Honduras, but strangely they met in California. I love to play video games and to build things with my extensive collection of Legos. I also love to listen to music, travel to different places, and try different kinds of food. I like to swim and do gardening with my Grandma. My dad does voice overs for movie trailers, and my mother is stay at home mom. This is my third year at LSA. I used to go to a small two-teacher Adventist school in Victorville, California. My pets are a dog name Snowie, a rabbit named Buttons, and a cat named Kitty Cat. Most of my pets we’ve had for a long time.

Alessandro Franchini, Grade 9


I was born on March 12, 2002. I am also known as Nando by the people closest to me. You might already know that I really enjoy learning about dinosaurs. If you ask me anything on this subject, I can almost always answer it immediately! I also enjoy playing some video games constantly for no reason. I have an obsession with rocks for no reason as well. I always try to stay as positive as possible throughout the day. I like to write about and draw random things throughout the day too. I joined the Knightly Criterion staff because I enjoy telling people about the things that happen here at school and around the world.

Zachary Hanson, Grade 9


Hello! I love politics and economics! They are what I enjoy writing about most. I am part of the Green Party. Most likely, I will a heavy bias because of this. I enjoy writing for the Knightly Criterion because it gives me a healthy way to express my opinion and a way to learn something new in the process. Thanks for reading, tood-a-loo!

Dianna Hernandez, Grade 12


Hello my name is Dianna Hernandez-Chambi. I’m 17 and was born in Orange County, California. My favorite color is aqua . My favorite activities to do when I am bored is to watch my favorite YouTubers, Dan and Phil. I like long walks with my pug, Edgar. I enjoy watching my favorite soccer teams (Real Madrid or Manchester United) and traveling and visiting  different countries. I have traveled to many different countries consisting of France, England, Spain, Belize, and more. I have two brothers: a younger and an older brother, making me a middle child. I joined the Knightly Criterion because I thought it was the perfect way to develop a balanced set of writing skills. Since most colleges require students of all majors to take writing classes, these courses will never be able to provide the same opportunity to discover as many different styles of writing as journalism contains. I also saw it as a great opportunity to make new friends that I never thought I would talk to.  We all support each other if things get stressful and we know how to have fun together during our time off or brainstorming time.

Saraih Romo, Grade 11


My name is Saraih Romo and I am 16 years old. This is my first year at La Sierra Academy. It seems kind of odd to move schools in the beginning of junior year, but I hope to great experience out of being here. I enjoy playing volleyball and running. I really enjoy learning about history and reading books. My life revolves around music…not singing or writing it, but listening to it. I enjoy alternative, rock, indie and punk music. I strongly believe that Coldplay is the best band in the whole entire world. I’m not the greatest singer but I love doing karaoke. I also love traveling and big cities. I love 80’s movies, especially the movie Pretty in Pink. I dream to one day becoming a fashion designer. Also, my favorite food in the world is mac & cheese!

Stephen Song, Grade 9


Stephen Song is part of the Journalism group, and is the only one who has an explosive phone. People always ask if his phone exploded, which he doesn’t understand, because he holds it perfectly in his hand. He was born in Palm Springs, and he moved to Riverside at age 3. He enjoys rain and snow and RAMEN. He likes to write articles because he likes to judge., which is not a good thing to do. He likes sports and likes to refer himself in third-person. He wishes he had a long haired white Chihuahua, after seeing Mrs. Nelson bring them. He would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this biography, and apologizes for the inconvenience of third-person. That’s all for today folks!

Nicholas Surjani, Grade 10


My name is Nicholas Theodore, but most know me as Nick Surjani. I love playing badminton and a computer game called “League of Legends”. I love learning about science like space mostly. If you ever want to meet me in “League of Legends” my username is “FlameAzure77”. I love eating food. I am also looking for a challenger in badminton, so if that is you, please come and see me. I was born in Indonesia on the third of January. I do know Indonesian and if you have never heard of this language that’s because it isn’t really a language. It’s actually called Hokkien. Please come see me if you ever need assistance, I am happy to help.

Nate Zhong, Grade 11


I’m Nate Zhong, and I’m a junior this year. (I know time goes fast…..). I’m a Chinese international student here since two years ago. I’m glad I have joined this class, because this class is just awesome! I enjoy communicating with my classmates, which is what I enjoy the most about writing for the Knightly Criterion. I thoroughly I was not into Mexican food at first, but it turned out it is the strong cheese smell I couldn’t stand. The mild type?  I love those! Thanks for noticing this bio of you did, bye!!!!!