To those who enjoy watching movies, have I got a movie for you! The next Transformers movie is going to arrive soon in theaters. In my opinion, I think this is the movie I am most excited for.


For those who do not know what this movie is about, it is about robots coming from outer space who was trying to remake their world after the whole destruction that was caused from their enemies who are also from the same world they came from. This movie is the fifth and possibly the saddest movie in the transformers movie as it is called The Last Knight meaning the leader of the robots might meet his end in this movie.

I have loved this franchise ever since I first watched the first movie of it. It has a nice theme of how this movie is played at. The story makes sense to me and after watching most of the cartoons of it, most of the stories get clearer of what the robots are talking about. There is a movie about them and a cartoon show about them too. I hope you all can’t wait for the movie too and enjoy it!


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