Pi Day

Pi Day was an insane day on campus. People had spent days memorizing each of the numbers of Pi and all were going to compete for the 1st place spot. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place won a bit of money as their prize. The first place winner won $100, the second place winner won $50, and the third won $20. Everyone had fun and all the students and faculty ate pie!

This school tradition didn’t originate at La Sierra Academy. It had its origin at Walla Walla, Washington. One of our teachers, Mr. Jewkes, who came from there  brought the tradition with him since he had taught at a school there. He pitched his idea to the school and the tradition now lives here as well.

Pi Day is a fun tradition that students in the high school look forward to and prepare for year after year. And every year their numbers get higher and higher! Time will tell how many places of Pi will make themselves known at next year’s competition.



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