LSA Spirit Week

LSA Spirit Week is a special week for La Sierra Academy as students have fun together enjoying events and games. For the weekdays, students are allowed wear clothes based on the theme. If students do wear it and is accepted by the instructor, they get SA points. SA points are the scoring system for everything that happens during the school year. The teams are separated by class level and the class that has the most points will win a special prize of a Ditch Day from school at the end of the year.

This Spirit Week is the second of this year. The first day’s theme was Tacky Tourist Day where students were allowed to wear clothes that made them looked like tourists. The second day was Pajama Day. On that day students could wear their clothes that they use to sleep. On the third day, it is Workout Wednesday where students could wear exercise clothes. The fourth day was Athlete vs Mathlete day. On that day, students were allowed to wear either clothes that made them look like they are a part of a sports team or a nerdy-like outfit.

For the last day, students were allowed to wear their class t-shirts and on this day students group up to play fun and enjoyable games. The games also contribute to SA points. After playing the games, all students await for the totaling of the SA points to find out who won Ditch Day. After the results were added, it shows that the Seniors won this year. Thus, they get to have Ditch Day. Congratulations Class of 2017 and good luck for the teams next year!



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