Killer Robots

Many people nowadays use robots or machines to help them to do things that they cannot do. Some use them to replace the unnecessary work that people don’t have to do at all. It’s a sure thing that we will use so many more robots or machines in the future. The question now is what would happen if the robots would fight us due to some malfunction or virus? If people watch movies about robots turning on humans, wouldn’t they start asking whether it is true or not?


After watching some of the shows for myself, I can give some theories as to whether it can happen or not. Firstly, if robots can actually be built to have feelings, then maybe it is possible for them to start disobeying people as they now have minds of their own. This could start a full out robotic war. Since robots were made to obey humans and to help in their needs, they were also made to do what is impossible for most human beings and that gives them the great advantage for overpowering us.


Second, if computers can have viruses and machines can malfunction, wouldn’t that mean that robots can have those things too? If robots can get a virus it might control the robot’s mind. Since the virus can’t control it, there is no question whether it might or might not attack human beings since no one can tell it what to do or not do.

Robots may be the best thing a person can invent, but they can also be the worst as it can also cause the worst thing to happen if society is not careful.

I understand it might not happen, but just imagine if it did. What would happen in the future? What would people do then? What robots are capable of now is truly incredible. Especially as they continue to evolve as new technology is developed and perfected.


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