How Could Immigration Be Handled?

Before we start, let me say that I don’t know all the details about this or really if any of these ideas are realistic. I’ve noticed that a lot of people from the Middle East are coming from there to escape the war-torn region and ISIS. I’ve also noticed that some countries won’t accept them and direct them somewhere else. So what will happen to them?

I somewhat understand why some countries won’t let them in. I think it’s mainly because of fear. Fear that they will have allowed terrorists in disguise enter the country. That situation could be very likely, but what about those who are just normal, everyday people? I think we should let the immigrants into our country, but in a certain way.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.46.42 AM

I think there should be a special spot that’s actually habitable for the immigrants who come in. The immigrants who enter will be taken to this spot or spots depending on how many we would need to build. While they stay at this place, a large group of people review each one’s background information. If they clear, they are allowed to join everyone else in the country. I think this would be a good method because they are in foreign territory and aren’t affected by the threats they ran away from. Plus, I think this would lower the risk of terrorist attacks since we’d be checking each one of the immigrants background information.

Maybe there is a better way to handle this situation. Maybe my idea is a little unrealistic. Or maybe there is something like this in place or a new system like this being set in place. Either way, I think we should at least help the immigrants.


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