South Korean Presidential Election

After the impeachment of South Korean president, the government had another presidential election. This time, the 5 candidates are running to clear the government of the corruption created by the former president. So in this article, I will go over each of the candidates and what they have done, their previous jobs, and just some general knowledge


Moon Jae-In (eventual winner)ABC75636-2A90-46ED-B202-534E0088382F-1316-0000025E88064156.jpeg

Jobs: former party chairman (2015–16), member of the National Assembly for Busan Sasang District (2012–16), 2012 Democratic United Party presidential candidate


He recieved 41 percent of all votes



Hong Jun-PyoAC6D46DF-8DDF-4ADA-8E9E-84BED811084B-1316-0000025ECB071F35

Jobs: former prosecutor, former governor of the South Gyeongsang Province

Liberty Party

Received 24 percent of all votes




F2C2ED51-F2CE-4190-8EE4-08EF542E559E-1316-0000025E9C2DB522Ahn Chul-Soo

Jobs: former party co-chairman (2016), former co-chairman of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy (March–July 2014), withdrawn presidential candidate in 2012, founder of AhnLab, Inc., member of the National Assembly for Nowon District (2013–present)

Received 21 percent of all votes

The rest 14 percent was given to minor candidates


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