My Speculation On Star Wars Episode 8

As the title suggests, I want to give my thoughts on the story of the next Star Wars movie before it arrives in theaters.

Below is what I believe the plot of the movie will roughly look like.

The movie will most likely start off with Luke training Rey and the Resistance having moved to another location or in the process of doing so. The First Order finds the Resistance as shown by the trailer when the new speeders charge towards the AT-AT like walkers in the distance. The First Order will most likely win this battle and Finn will manage to escape. I’m expecting that here Kylo Ren will discover the location of Luke Skywalker and tells the fleet to head there. For the rest of the movie, I’m expecting scenes of Rey’s training, Finn’s side story, and possibly some scenes dedicated to Kylo Ren’s training. I’m mostly expecting the movie to be switching from Rey to Finn during the movie and during Rey’s scenes Luke might reveal some Jedi history he’s discovered. I’m mostly expecting the Jedi to move to a more neutral side in this movie or allow usage of the dark side unlike the prequel Jedi. Then it’ll cut to Kylo Ren finding Luke and is blocked by the Resistance fleet in the trailer. They make a huge push to protect Luke and Rey. Leia could be on board one of the Resistance cruisers. Kylo Ren manages to at least slip past their defenses or break them entirely to be able to land on the surface. Luke and Rey standoff against Kylo Ren and I’m expecting this re-match to be really close as to determine a victor. I don’t think Luke will die here as I believe his story ends in Episode 9. Rey most likely will be injured and Kylo Ren could be beaten up, but still be victorious. Luke and Rey manage to escape and the Resistance fleet jumps into hyperspace to avoid further casualties. Finn’s side story also ends here and/or may leak into Episode 9.

Now I’ll talk about what could happen during the movie.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.19.06 PM.png

During the movie we might get information on who Rey’s parents are and this will put the countless theories to rest. I’m also expecting some information on who the Knights of Ren are and who Snoke is as well. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw other Knights of Ren in the movie. Also, I’m expecting that this movie will also give us some more questions to explore and make even more theories on! Whatever happens, it will be exciting to see how this franchise expands!


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