Coach Woodbury did an amazing thing, that not many people could accomplish. Playing golf at the Loma Linda University Proton Charity Invitational, in which he was participating, he made a HOLE-IN-ONE. I asked him what were the odds? And he replied, “you have a better chance getting hit by lightning.” This lets you know in the golf world this is big. He also said, “the last time someone did this was 27 year ago.” For his reward he got a golf board and the knowledge that it will take another 27 years for someone to break the record again.

This was Coach Woodbury’s dream come true, and not very many people can claim this great accomplishment. His family and all of us at LSA are very proud and excited for him. I asked him at what age he started playing golf, and he said, “ at the age of 10, and that’s not too young if you want to play golf to have fun, and not to expect to be the next Tiger Woods.” And to that I say who needs Tiger Woods when we have our very own Coach Woodbury? We are very proud of your triumphant and accomplishment!


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