6th Sense of Sensing Earthquakes

Can humans detect earthquakes? That’s the million dollar question, which people wonder all the time. Some scientists say yes and others say no. What do you think?

NASA is doing a study to see if we can detect earthquakes and so far they found out that there are some toads and fish that do detect an earthquake. They believe it is caused by a chemical reaction in the water that the toads detect. The chemical changes in the water are caused by stress in the rocks and ions are released into the water or the air. This causes an alteration in the blood, so toads know to get away. They also have studied crabs and they have the same reactions. They have seen mass populations of crabs leave the water right before an earthquake.

NASA has discovered that some toads and fish can detect earthquakes.

Some odd earthquake premonitions have been found in humans too. For example, there are people who suffer of migraines right before an earthquake. Scientists say that these individuals might be very sensitive to the chemical reactions in the air.

So that answers our question, Yes, some humans can detect earthquakes. When you see a toad or crab leaving the water, or if your friend says he has a migraine, be prepared, or at least look for your escape.


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