Donald Trump is not creating a bureaucracy; he’s doing the complete opposite. Normally the president of the United States of America fills his cabinet with experts that have worked in the field they are put in, but Trump has refused to fill many of the positions. He told Fox and Friends, “that he thinks many of these positions are not necessary, and that it’s a good thing.”

Of the positions he has filled, most are his friends and family members. Trump has put his son-in-law in charge of many departments, like the Middle East crisis and Mexico’s trade deals. The problem with Jared Kushner is that he has never dealt with these kinds of problems. He could be a great business man, but this is a totally new ball game.

Another thing that lets me believe that Trump is not creating a bureaucracy is the people he has hired for certain departments. They are the same people who are against the department they are now going to run. An example of this the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. She wants to privatize the public school system. Before she was Secretary, she wanted to get rid of this department. Another example is Scott Pruitt. He heads the EPA, and for many years was outspoken and even sued them because he thought there were to many regulations and they were destroying businesses.

It seems that most of Trump’s cabinet has something to gain in the department they are running. Is this good thing? No one knows. It has never been done before. But many people think this is a recipe for disaster. Donald Trump has said he would run this government like a business, let’s just hope that it works.


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