Women’s March 2017

Millions Gather

On January 21, 2017, more than 1 million women and women of all ages and ethnicities, gathered around the world just the day after Trump’s inaguration, to support women’s rights. Also, to protest reforms that would affect Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ communities, immagration, religious discrimination, and other concerns that have been politically mentioned. Some of the women in the rallies were even aiming thier protests towards some statements President Trump has made toward women.This march was recorded to be the largest women’s march that occured a day after any presidents inaguration.

The Women’s March started off as a Facebook event that was planned on the day after President Trump’s win in the election. Many similar events were being planned by other organizers. The organizers, Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perwz, and Bob Bland, agreed that there should be a set date to march, so on January 12, 2017, an official announcement was made.

Showing Support

Image result for zendaya at women's march

Many politicians, activists, and celebrities showed their support at marches around the world. California’s Senator, Kamala Harris, gave a speech in Washington, claiming why she stood for women rights and how important they were, “The economy, national security, criminal justice, immigration and health care are all women’s issues.” She also spoke about how being a colored woman in the Senate meant a lot to her and that she was willinging to keep supporting women everywhere and continue in the journey of Trump’s Presidency. Tons of celebrities such as Ariana Grande, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, America Ferrera, Alicia Keys, Willow Smith, Emma Watson, Blake Lively, Zendaya, James Franco, Madonna, Scarlett Johnasson, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Yoko Ono, Janelle Monae, and many more others, marched for the issues that many women believe exsist in today’s society.

This Is Not The End

Towards the end of the march, women in D.C. left their signs or posters in front of the White House. Others left them in the streets of the city or in front of Trump buildingd, such as the one in New York. Organizers are viewing the march as very successful and are now meeting for future events.

Image result for organizers of women's march

-Saraih Romo


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