Venus’s gravity wave

Many people love to see the skies and wonder what other things are there in space aside from stars. Some who are patient can see planet Venus instead of normal stars that appear everyday. From a person’s eye view, you see Venus as a giant shining star for it shines during the night. Many said that it was the moon, but is it?

Image result for planet venus from earthImage result for planet venus from space view

This is what Venus looks like from our view on Earth (left) and the other is what Venus really looks like from looking at it from space (right). Venus is covered by thick clouds of sulfuric acid that move westwards because the entire upper atmosphere rotates much faster than the planet itself. At the cloud tops, about 65km in altitude, small-scale features are usually carried by the background wind.

Image result for the gravity waves of venus

In this picture shows  an inter-hemispheric bow-shaped structure stretching 10,000km across at the cloud-top level of Venus. Over several days of observation from , the bow-shaped structure remained relatively fixed in position above the highland on the slowly rotating surface, despite the background atmospheric super rotation. It was suggested that the bow-shaped structure is the result of an atmospheric gravity wave generated in the lower atmosphere by mountain topography that then propagated upwards.

Many thought that Venus looks like a calm planet until they see this image of what is happening to it. This may not be a normal thing to happen, but it certainly is not a problem yet. Gravity waves happen as warm, expanding air rises and then suddenly cools, becomes more dense, and falls back down due to gravity.

Just because I said air doesn’t mean you can breath there. On the surface, the air is 97% carbon dioxide and is about 100 times thicker than the Earth’s atmosphere. What is worse is that Venus’s temperature is about 864 degrees Fahrenheit. This planet sure seems to be a very interesting planet at the same time dangerous due to the atmosphere in that planet.


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