The Mandela Effect

Throughout the years of the world, many things have been noted to be famous, but how many of these things are actually real. You may think one thing, that you and your friends agree with and live by, but suddenly, someone shows you the real thing, and you die a bit inside. This is the Mandela effect, and I will show you some of these curious phenomenons


Forrest Gump is a classic movie, starring Tom Hanks, and attracting fans around the nation since 1994. But what if the second most famous quote in the film, after “Run Forrest Run”, was not as you expected. Many people believe that Forrest said,” Life is like a box of chocolates”. WRONG. The phrase actually is, “Life was like a box of chocolates”. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself by watching this great movie again

Is it Froot Loops, or Fruit Loops? That is the question. But America’s favorite colored Cheerios are just no healthy, as there isn’t the word Fruit in it. This was actually surprising to me, and I actually went to the store to find out. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself




“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is fairest of them all?” What a phrase that has been implemented into society and media many times today. But the hurtful truth actually is that instead of, “Mirror, Mirror” it is actually “Magic Mirror.” This one was actually not that surprising, because I watched the movie right before I found about this. But I may be lying, so watch the movie.


In conclusion, go and check your facts again. Look up more if this interests you, like it interested me. Of course, there are hundred if not thousands more of these things, and to list all would break down this website. So go and watch your favorite movies and eat your favorite food, because some of the previous knowledge you once held is actually fake.



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