Let’s go back in time and we are in the city of Palmyra, east of Damascus, an oasis stop for caravans on the Silk Road. Once part of the Roman Empire, with its many temples, that the desert climate preserved so we the people of the world could see. This was Syria biggest tourist attraction, people around the world of all different faiths traveled to go back in time. Then let us travel Ancient Mesopotamia, what is now modern Iraq. Here is where literature, writings and the famous book “The Law Code of Hammurabi,” was written, the first greatest legal text of the world, that led to the Magna Carta.

Now let’s come back to the 21st century, and the middle east is in turmoil. The Islamic State militants, better known as Isis, have taking over parts of Syria and Iraq. Because of their faith they have decided to take hammers and bulldozers to destroy the ancient artifacts. They say it is a form of devil worshiping, because these things didn’t exist when the prophet was around.


Archeologists have been trying to preserve these ancient artifacts risking their own lives to preserve history, many of them have been beheaded. The most famous and most resent artifact that Isis destroyed was a 2000-year-old Lion statue. Archeologist tried hiding it in an iron box underground, but Isis militants found it. But not all of Isis militants are doing it for their religious faith, but for greed. They are making duplicates of some of the famous artifacts and then selling the original.


You ask yourself why is this important to us here in the United States?  The simple answer is this our history as well. With each blow a piece of history is wiped away, generation to come will not know the past and then the mistakes of the past will be repeated. Educating the people of their history will only be the way to preserve history.

-Raoul Diaz


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