The Deep Sea

Most people wonder what lies beneath the seas of this world. Some say aliens live there, hiding and waiting patiently for something to happen. Others believe there are prehistoric marine creatures that lurk down there in the darkness of the deep abyss. In my opinion, I think that any of these can be possible for nobody knows what is down there. Scientists discover many things everyday. However, the sea is a different thing, for people barely discovered 5% of the ocean. This planet is filled mostly with water and only knowing 5% might already sound big enough.


What if there were signs of creatures that people have not discovered. There are even some places that people haven’t even discovered that are only lakes. Who knows maybe there might not even be that many marine life living under the ocean in the parts that we have not found. That 5% goes to show that the world is a very big place and if it is hard to even discover that much, I cannot even imagine what might happen when humans discover the rest of the 95%.


There is one thing that people can conclude and that is that there is something or someone waiting to be found in the deep dark abyss that lurks in the bottom of the ocean. There might be or even not be there at all. Once the place starts to get discovered even more, the ocean might not even be what you think it is before. You could say it is the home of the predators of humans if things get worse when the truth is discovered down there.




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