Student WOP 2017

Praying man silhoutte

This year’s Week of Prayer was a successful one, and there were many reasons why. The reason why I personally enjoyed. First of all, it was mostly run by students. Of course, Mr V, our chaplain, prayed over us and told us what is going on, but, for all five days, students talked and preached the word. Second, the music was great. From an all-freshman band, to an almost all senior band, it was great to see our students, the people that we hang out with and know. Third, and least important, we got free food.

The students who spoke, Issac Soli and Andrew Leon (sophomores), Cameron Jordan and Jacob Caldera (juniors), and Isabella Walder (senior). They all talked about their experiences, which all connected to the theme of the week, “The Time is Now”. At the end, Mr. V talked about baptism bible studies, for those who really got a lot from this week. Also during the week, Pastor Bev, and Pastor Austin created a Bible study in the Ministry Center which goes over real-life issues and its relation to us as Christians. If you want to be baptized, please come over to Mr. V in his office, and he will set up a program for you.images (1)



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