Sadies (Disneyland 2017)


The big event that the Student Association plans for 2nd Semester is always Sadie’s Day! Instead of a traditional banquet, Sadie’s is about a fun day for students to spend together. Girls ask the guys to be their “dates” on this outing to make it an extra fun time. This year S.A. took the student body to DISNEYLAND! It was a great day. To get a little more information about this day I sat down with our S.A. Social Vice, Bailey Salagan.

Dianna: Why did you choose Disneyland for our Sadie’s trip? Was it your first choice?

Bailey-Honestly, we chose to go to Disneyland because everyone was wanting to go there! We heard from a lot of people that they hoped it would be at Disneyland. Disney was pretty much our first choice from the very start. Disney was the place we had our goals set upon. I mean, we of course had other options, but Disney overruled them of course

D: What was your favorite part of Disney when you went?

B: My favorite part of Sadie’s was hanging out with my best friend Joycelynn Pereda. Standing in lines, taking picture at the castle (watching people fall into the bushes), watching a live show, and eating dinner with all my friends💕


The magic kingdom known as Disneyland is associated with its many rides and attractions that appeal to teenagers, such as its three “mountains”, which were my personal favorites. The first being Thunder Mountain, a runaway mine train-themed roller coaster.  Space Mountain, my 2nd favorite ride, is an indoor coaster with special effects. Lastly Splash Mountain is a water-themed coaster to the movie “Song of the South ” according, which has a big drop at the end. The Magic Kingdom features a fireworks show and nightly parades. We got to see both of these as we left.

All in all, Sadie’s was a great day for everyone. Props to S.A. for planning a great Sadie’s day for 2017!


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