Saber-tooth tiger scientific name is machairodont felid. The saber-tooth tiger has no relation to the tiger of today. The saber-tooth tiger got it name because of the big canines that grew about 7 inches long. The saber-tooth lived 10,000 years ago in North and South America. California’s saber-tooth name is Smilodon a carnivorous, that was a foot shorter and had a bobtail instead of a long tail like the living lions of today. Scientist believe because of their heavy weight they did not chase their prey instead they would ambush them. They also believe they lived in packs, because the fossils they studied shows bones and injuries had healed, letting scientist to think when one of them out injured the other members would care for them. The saber-tooth probably roared because of the structure of hyoid bones in the throat. They have found many saber-tooth fossils in the La Brea Tar Pits, in Los Angeles, California.


Nobody knows why they went extinct, but scientist have a theory, they think when man came into the picture the saber-tooth had to compete for food. As food got scares they would have to eat their carcasses and chew for long periods their teeth would wear out, and so they think they probably starved to death. Many of the animal kingdom of today face the same problems the saber-tooth faced 10,000 ears ago. We humans if we keep building homes further into wild life territory many of our species will disappear.


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