Rising Stars indeed! So many students of LSA have incredible talent. They amazed their fellow students and the parents were glowing in pride.

The talent ranges from first to twelfth graders. From the younger folks we got many renditions of, “How Far I’II Go” from the movie Moana. As the grades went up the talents became more diverse. For example, there was Alyssa Rumbao and Alexis Gloria, both tenth graders sang together the song “Ride” by Twenty-One Pilots. They were both amazing. I asked Alexis how long did they practice? And she answered, “10 minutes a day for one week.” Whoa!! Only ten minutes, amazing. I asked her why she chose that song in particular? She said, “We chose the song because it had a rap and notes where we were able to show off a little.”  Then I asked her what advice would give to others? She answered, “If you have determination and God on your side, you can achieve great things.” I believe with that determination Alexis will go far and beyond. They didn’t get an award, but if you ask me they should have. Maybe next year.

The winners that night were Ezra Sarmiento and Sarah Onsoe, they played the piano at the same time, and changed places on the bench while they’re were playing. How they never lost their place is anyone’s guess.

Joy-Terese Obatue sang a song by Whitney Houston. She dedicated it to her mother and the twelfth graders were cheering her on.

The student as the parents seemed to be ecstatic, with watching their school mates perform, I know I was.

In addition to being a fun event in terms of watching our classmates and friends perform, it was also for a great cause. The Talent Show was a fundraiser for the student scholarship program. It was a great turnout and because of this event many more students will have the opportunity to come to our school and receive a Christian education.


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