LSA Health Week

Health Awareness Week took place this year during the week of February 6-10. During this week we got to listen to lots of different guest speakers who presented on a variety of topics ranging from physical health to spiritual health.

Our coach, who organized the whole week, said this when asked about how he thought it went. “I thought Thursday was good with social health. My brother did well and Maravia (one of the presenters) did well. All of them did well to be honest. The group from Riverside Health Services had difficult topics to cover and they did a great job conveying them.” – Coach Ben

Another favorite part of Health Awareness Week are the yummy breakfasts that the students get to eat made by our teachers. We had french toast to start off the week but then we had pancakes and breakfast burritos!

This year’s Health Awareness Week was a great opportunity for the students to learn some new, important things about how to stay safe and healthy. Thanks to the P.E. Department, and especially Coach Ben, for planning this great week!


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