Dinosaurs Through the Christian Lens

Dinosaurs through the eyes of Christianity can be a controversial topic for some people. Here are some of the theories up for debate along with the arguments that many Christians make regarding whether or not dinosaurs actually existed.

Theory 1: Dinosaurs never existed

From what I understand, people who subscribe to this theory believe that scientists are lying to us about dinosaurs and that they’re some sort of hoax. The most common claim that I find is that since scientists only find the bones that they have a good chance of making them up. The problem with this theory is that it’s not just scientists that find dinosaur bones, but normal people like you and I have also found them. One example is Bambiraptor and is a member of the dromaeosauridae like the Velociraptor. This fact makes it hard to believe that scientists made up the dinosaurs as an elaborate conspiracy theory.


Theory 2: Satan created the dinosaurs bones

It’s true that Satan has the power to create illusions, but for him to hold them up for such a long time and so many is a bit crazy don’t you think? Of course, I don’t know the full extent of Satan’s power so I can’t really say that. But the evidence of dinosaurs existing in our world is so overwhelming! From the nests, to the bones, to the tracks that show that they were all around the world.

Theory 3: God killed off the dinosaurs so we could have a chance at survival

This theory rides on the fact that the Genesis flood destroyed the dinosaurs. Now, I would expect that to happen or else we wouldn’t get all those fossils, but there’s no reason to kill all of them off. Noah’s family would definitely be protected by God or else they’d would’ve been killed. God would at least want to preserve His creation like He did with the rest of the animals. Besides, if man is able to take out the big predators of the ancient world like lions and bears, who’s to say they wouldn’t have been able to take on dinosaurs as well?

Theory 4: Natural Extinction

If dinosaurs were created by God, then they would’ve been created on the sixth day of creation. In that case, maybe they would’ve lived on until the flood, which would’ve killed off most of the population, but they still would’ve lived on in the ark. After the flood, combined effects like the Ice Age, a drastically changed world, and human interaction would slowly deplete the population until they would become extinct and forgotten by mankind until very recently.

So those were the main theories that I’ve heard concerning dinosaurs. Maybe I missed some theories? Comment your thoughts down below!


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