Career Day

Students have a very big future ahead of them. Once they graduate high school, most of them go to college to learn more things for their future jobs. Career day is a day that helps a lot of students find out about what they want to do for their future. There were many choices that students can choose from on that day. However, the limit is only four subjects.

This is an example of a teacher teaching these students all about engineering.

After interviewing a student, I have gotten a good review on Career Day. This person said that it was a very inspiring day. He didn’t choose the subjects himself, but he got a really good set of subjects for that day thanks to the computer who decided it for him. He said that out of all the subjects he has learned, engineer is his most inspiring topic. He was really happy for he had probably found what he wanted to do soon

This picture is about the instructor teaching the students the respiratory system.

Some of the careers students got to experience during this Career Day were cosmetologists, morticians, sports broadcaster, dentist, stage acting, respiratory therapist, and more. It was a great collection of careers to give students more specific ideas about what we might be interested in doing with our lives.

I also went to learn some topics in Career Day too. In my opinion, I believe that this is a very good event for students as it also gave me a really good topic I can choose for my future. I think that in the next career day, I am sure there will be many students who will have more choices to learn in their future. I do hope that younger students who aren’t in high school yet will have that same feeling as most students who are in high school. I wish the best of luck for all of your future!

Thanks to our school counselor, Mr. Johnson, for planning this great event for us!


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