Barack Obama’s Pardons before leaving office.

Barack-Obama-signing-law_executive-action.jpegWeeks before leaving office President Obama enforced 78 pardons  and commuted the sentences of 153 prisoners, being one of the most absolute powers available to a president, In which extended to a total of 1,324 individuals throughout his presidency, being one of the larger uses of the presidential power through presidential history. Of the 231 people who received a pardon or a reduced sentence by  Obama. All of them had all been serving sentences under tough anti drug laws at the time they were convicted. Commutations were mostly used by  Obama being ( a shortening of the sentence of people in prison, often by many years, but do not eliminate a conviction or restore rights lost, such as the right to vote. He also commuted 95 federal officers, Mr. Obama said it was “another step forward in upholding our ideals of justice and fairness” and added that “if we can show at the federal level that we can be smart on crime, more cost effective, more just, more proportionate, then we can set a trend for other states to follow as well. And that’s our hope.” One way that Obama could make up to the american people according, not to mention patch up his legacy, according to many advocates, is by pardoning some well-known people who exposed wrongdoing in the government; like Snowden and chelsea Manning . Groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights were there watching and applauding according the cnn. The pardoning  of Snowden for exposing the U.S. government’s own spying programs, arguing that history will look favorably on Snowden’s deeds. The same goes for Manning, who received a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks and many more.



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