Badminton Club

Most students get tired from studying and doing school work at school all day. That is why clubs are there–to relieve them of their stress. LSA has made clubs such as the chess club, table tennis, and many more. Other students groups gather with common interests for class credit like Culinary, Art, Journalism, or KnighTV. I think we should add another club to give students more choices to pick. I thought of starting a badminton club.

Badminton is a type of sport that is similar to tennis in which we use rackets and a field. The difference is that in badminton people use a cork with feathers attached to form a cone shape (called a shuttlecock or birdie) instead of a ball. It’s also a sport that is played indoors most of the time.

Image result for badminton
Badminton racket and the shuttlecock

The rules are very simple. For those who do not know, it is just like tennis in which you have to hit the shuttlecock to your opponent’s side. If it lands on your side or the opponent’s side or even outside the court, the round is over and one side of the court gets a point.

I thought of badminton because I believe it is a very fun sport where everyone can play easily and have fun. It also helps the students to stay fit and people to get along better. Students can get such a big advantage out of this. I do hope that many students believe this to be true. I also hope that this club can be created.

-Nick Surjani



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