Interview with Mrs. Orr

If you walk into the A&E office, you will most likely see Mrs. Orr. Even though she has been at La Sierra for a long time, there are still some things that you may not know about her. So here are some things you may have not known about her, many which that are new for many of us.



SS: How long have you been at La Sierra as a faculty?

CO: I’ve been here at LSA for 15 years now. My daughter graduated 2 years ago and my son will graduate this year.

SS: How did you get to LSA?

CO: I am an LSA Alumni, so I’ve had some connection here.

SS: You were in the navy for 11 years. What stopped you and would you go back again into service?

CO: I love being in service and would definitely go back to it if I could. But I was stopped by my back, which is eroding.

SS: During your time at LSA and the navy, what was the scariest and happiest moment?

CO: The scariest moment for me is most likely when I was in the Navy. I had to go through a minefield, so that was interesting. My happiest was when my daughter graduated from LSA.

SS: Couple years ago, you had cut your hair short for leukemia and lymphoma awareness. Would you do it again if we asked you?                       

CO: We had the kids bring a dollar from home to donate for charity and as a ticket to see me cut my long hair. It was wonderful, and I would do anything for charity.

SS: If you had to go to an isolated island, what three things would you bring?                     CO: I would have to bring a pot, a knife, and my husband; all survival tools


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