4 Tips to Surviving Finals

Let’s face it…finals week is the worst.

Welcome back LSA students, from a long, well-deserved winter break! It’s a new year…which means for us La Sierra students, finals are on their way! Lets face it, teachers warned us to start reviewing over break, but hey, many of us ignored that and binge watched Netflix all break. So before we all start freaking out and stressing ourselves out here are a few tips to surviving finals week:

Make a list of the subjects you will study in order

No one wants to leave out math or science, so make a list of the most important classes you have and need to most definetly study in. Also, make sure you make a schedule of the days of which days you take a final. That way you won’t have to study for a subject that isn’t the following day. Prepare sets of flashcards for any memorizing you would have to do for any classes. Always make sure you review your notes. Also, if you are not understanding a chapter or concept, it’s always okay to go check in the textbook for some answers.

Turn off your cell phone/electronics

Finals week means it’s time for some serious studying. Try turning off your electronics during the hours you’re reviewing. i t will stop the temptation of constantly checking social media or sending last minute memes to friends.

Get at last 8-9 hours of sleep the night before

No one wants to wake on finals day tired, right? The average teenager needs 7-9 hours of sleep on the daily, so prioritize your sleeping schedule during this week. Also, a good night’s rest should be followed by a delightful breakfast. Therefore, make sure you are getting a nutritious breakfast every morning. also , bring along some healthy snacks to school to relieve hunger.

Be positive

Although finals week is any student’s worst nightmare, make sure to surround yourself with positive energy. Don’t stress yourself, because in the end, everything will be alright. Listen to your favorite song. Set your lock screen to your favorite bible verse. Make sure you support your friends and promote the positive vibes!

These are hopefully some useful tips to help you survive finals week!

-Saraih Romo


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