Climate Change!

Climate change. It’s a topic that soon will affect all of us. Now some readers might say, “But wait! Climate change isn’t something to get worked up about. It’s not real. It’s not even that bad.” Maybe it’s time to take a look at some facts from around the world.

Global warming, better known as climate change, has caused some places to heat up around the world, but other parts are also going through a cooling. Since there are both warmings and coolings taking place, many people are hesitant to believe in the term “global warming” because it only encompasses one of those elements. They see cooler weather in some parts of the world and argue that this means global warming is a hoax. The term “climate change” is much more representative of what’s happening to the planet—warmings as well as coolings are taking place.

One example of an area experiencing rising temperatures is the polar ice caps. Additionally, some islands and even Florida are suffering from flooding because of the melting ice caps. People on the islands have had to move further inland, as their island is literally sinking. Florida is currently making a system where they’re able to drain out the water back into the ocean.

Even photographic evidence of the ice caps from several years ago (left image) compared with today (right image) reveal the fact that they are shrinking at an alarming rate. People living near the ice also say that the ice is slowly melting away.

Even the reefs can’t keep up with the carbon dioxide that is getting put in the atmosphere. Trees and coral do essentially the same job. But with de-forestation, a lot more of carbon dioxide and other gases are getting thrown into the air and are killing off the coral.

The ways you can help are still the same ways you’ve probably been told before. Recycle, save energy, save water, and more.

-Alessandro Franchini
Source: documentary; Before the Flood



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