The Christmas Banquet of 2016

The Student Association of La Sierra Academy gave us high school students a great banquet to remember. They picked a great location, in the heart of downtown Riverside, Loft .84.

Loft .84 was a very elegant place to have our Christmas Banquet. Every person I spoke to said it was a great night, but like always some people had one complainant, now this is for Mrs. Pereda and Coach Ben’s eyes only: they didn’t serve enough pasta. What they ate was delicious, they just wanted more of it.

For entertainment they had an illusionist by the name of Anthony Hernandez This man was amazing. He made a women float on a pole. How he did it is anyone’s guess. He made a couple of animals appear out of a handkerchief too.

Angela C. “Loved taking pictures in the photo booth.” And Joycelynn Pereda “Loved the magic show.”


Some of the students rented a party bus, which must have been fun. It was a spectacular night and everyone enjoyed themselves, and not to mention everyone was dressed very elegantly. Oh, did I mention that the chaperones looked like they too were enjoying themselves?

All in all, the night was great and we need to give a big shout out to the Student Association and the chaperones for letting us have a night to remember.


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