Vine Shutting Down!

Twitter’s social media app has have been making a lot of recent sad announcements. Just last week it was reported by ABC News & CNN that the social media platform would be letting go of over 300 employees. AND NOW SHUTTING DOWN VINE, a six-second video app owned by Twitter. The app has found some famous celebs, among them the singer Shawn Mendes. One of the best thing about vine are the funny six-second videos. Some of it was total nonsense, and that’s why it was so great! Just know this; Vine turned nonsense into short bursts of hilarious art and gave creative users a platform to bring out their ideas. Vine also had real use for sports fans or fans overall, who used it to replay memorable moments form their favorite part of their games and shows.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 3.25.07 PM.png

Yet it still met its downfall; vine was mainly shut down for 5 main reasons. The first being Twitter has no money .Okay, they’re not bankrupt and or broke , but Twitter has been struggling to be profitable. secondly Vine couldn’t compete with Instagram at all .Instagram allows users to create 15-second videos, a pretty big difference compared to the six-seconds you got on Vine. Thirdly Vine stars, left vine! they decided to jump ships and create on a more profitable platform consisting of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook which are easy platforms to recreate the same kind of content on. fourthly Advertisers didn’t care for it, plain and simple. lastly The app just didn’t catch on like it needed to which declared it downfall and the end of an era.


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