The End of the Note 7

It has been a horrible couple of months for South Korea’s most famous and biggest company. Their best phone yet, the Samsung Note 7 has been officially been discontinued. Over the last few months, Samsung has been mocked for their explosive phones and now, something horrible has happened- it has been discontinued for a safety issue. Now is here for Samsung. Their stock has dropped 22 billion since the note 7 has been released, and it is slowly coming back up. This phablet has been released to compete with Apple’s new iPhone 7, but its discontinuation has given the iPhone the upper hand in sales. But Samsung is still trying to keep their reputation as a high end company up by giving a full refund, plus an extra $100 if you are loyal and buy another Samsung phone, such as the S7, S7 Edge, or even the predecessor, the Note 5. They are even trying to bring out the S8 more quickly, with their goal at mid February to early March, a whole month before the actual date was.


Several entertainment companies have actually tried to see what it takes to explode this phone. It has taken charging for 3 days straight, with the flashlight on, and on top of a heat lamp to explode this. This of course is something that we wouldn’t do, but it proves that it will explode under certain circumstances. I myself have a Note 7, and it is the perfect phone for me, but because of all these explosions, I will need to return it soon. So how do you recall this phone if you have one? Well first, you can go to your carrier, which will ship it in a special box provided by Samsung that will protect its surroundings if it does explode. A seventh of these phone will be sent to a lab in Texas to test and see why it is exploding, which is not caused by the battery by the way. The rest will be sent to be recycled by Samsung and safely disposed of.

-Stephen Song


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