On September 29th, one former One Direction member, Niall Horan, released his first solo single titled, “This Town”. Fans all over the world have reacted with positive feedback, that the 23 year old singer even tweeted “Hello lovely people . . . Some of the things I’m reading about the song are amazing , thank you all very much for the love . Keep it up”, on October 6th, just a week after he released his single.


However, many fans are raising the question…is this the end of One Direction?! After former band member, Zayn Malik, who has launched his solo career, left in band in early 2015 while on tour. The boys decided to continue the tour without their bandmate. In late 2015, the band announced that they would take a break the following year. Many concerns have been raised ever since the band last performed on “The X-Factor” last December. Harry Styles, band member, has been filming a movie this year. while , new-dad Louis Tomlinson, said hello to his newborn son on January 21st of this year.  

Harry Styles in character for his new film

The break the boys are having right now does not mean this is the end. In a recent interview, Niall Horan commented that the boys would meet up one again and that it was not the end of touring and new music. The boys have each down some exciting things lately…but hopefully as the new year approaches us we will see more of One Direction!

-Saraih Romo


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