Shake, Rattle & Roll California!

Have you felt them? There have been 140 earthquakes this year, since September 26. They’re not very strong and they haven’t caused any damage, but they do have scientist a little worried for what might be coming. As you probably know, California is overdue for a major earthquake of magnitude 7 or greater.

The problem is the swarm of earthquakes run on the Salton Trough fault, which runs parallel to the San Andrea’s fault, and this could wake up the San Andrea’s. The San Andrea’s fault has not ruptured since about 1680, more than 330 years ago. A big earth- quake happens on an average in this area once every 150 to 200 years, which is why it is long overdue. But there is good news. The odds are 1in 6000 without the swarm and 1 in 3000 with the swarm, that the San Andrea’s fault will awaken. Scientist still give a warning for people to be prepared, but as the days pass so do the chances of “the big one.” Nevertheless, this is only a reminder to be prepared.  

So I ask again, “Are you ready?” Did you know most people in the Inland Empire of Southern California lives less than 10 miles from a fault. I asked many people in school if they were prepared, but many of you did not take it seriously, maybe you think it can’t happen where you live, but I reassure you that it can happen. Most of us weren’t born when the Northridge quake struck, so ask your parents what it felt like.

Please visit the website    and there you will find an earthquake safety checklist. Print it out and post on bulletin board or better yet on your refrigerator, so the whole family can see it.

-Raoul Diaz


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