SALSA Picnic 2016!

One of the highlights of first quarter is the Student Association Picnic. The picnic is an opportunity for classes to compete to earn points toward the coveted Class of the Year contest. SALSA (Student Association of La Sierra Academy) organizes this picnic with fun, silly, outrageous games intended to build class unity as well as make students look ridiculous. This year’s SALSA picnic was on Friday, September 30. Students got to enjoy an entire day out of the classroom and in the field for some good, clean fun.dsc_0588-2

One of the high points of this year’s picnic was the grape toss, which senior Alex Salazar competed in. He says that, as a senior, he did expect to win. His strategy was to “stay calm so i can focus on throwing the grape.” Another fun game was the Diaper Relay. One anonymous observer said of this game, “there was a lot of suspense, like in every relay race. It wasn’t just about running fast. It was about getting the diaper on fast too.”

DSC_0655 (2).jpg

The whole day culminated in the traditional Knowledge Bowl competition. After a nail-biting experience, ending in a lightning round question between the Juniors and the Freshmen, the Freshmen class emerged victorious! Danielle Miller, one of the freshmen, was interviewed because she had scored the winning question for the class. When asked how it felt to compete in the Knowledge Bowl, Danielle said, “I was scared to go against the older kids and they have more experience than I do. I knew my class counted in me because we weren’t doing.” Danielle was “excited and proud when I won because I didn’t want to do it before. The class officers wanted me to do it and so I did. I’m proud that i could win.”

The results of the picnic were recently released and showed the Seniors to be the overall winners of day, followed by the Juniors, then the Freshmen, and finally the Sophomores. All in all it was a day to remember (especially for the unlikely underdogs, the class of 2020–no bias).

Alessandro Franchini


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