Pathfinder Camporee 2016 Overview

Every year, there is a Pathfinder camporee at Jurupa Valley, where Pathfinders from all around southeastern California come over to have fellowship and learn more about the Lord, and even earning some patches on the way. This year’s camporee was no different. It was the 61st camporee at Jurupa Valley, and a new record was made, with over 2,500 pathfinders attending.

Clubs from Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Desert Area, all sprang over to help make this camporee the world’s oldest annual running camporee ever. The theme was BELONG, and multiple pastors spoke and helped us feel that way. But of course, the fun we had were probably the activities. We were taught many survival things, such as earthquake safety, CPR, Search & Rescue, and many more. The weather was decent, with mid 80s during the day, and down to low 50s at night. Water was not a problem, but the surplus of people made electricity go out many times during the worship, leading the praise team to restart at some points. All in all, this year’s camporee was definitely something that was worthy to go to.

In order to join a Pathfinder club near you, ask your church pastor, or ask Mrs. Orr in the A&E office to fill out an application for the La Sierra University Church Club.

-Stephen Song


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