Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

As we say goodbye to the great summer vibes of 2016, we say bonjour to fall! As the holidays are rolling in and the weather getting colder, new fall trends or products are being brought out once again! To start off, let’s get talking about new Starbucks pumpkin pastries!


Although these pumpkin spice products did come out early this year, we can say that it is now officially pumpkin season! Three pastries that are a MUST HAVE this season are: a pumpkin cheesecake bar, pumpkin cream cheese muffin, pumpkin scone, and if you are not really in the mood for a pumpkin spice treat, but are in the mood for a little something with that pumpkin spice latte, try the apple pound cake. All these pastries are all $3! Also, don’t forget about that pumpkin spice latte! So as you already have  your little fall treat this year, what shall you wear?…UGGS! Uggs are the #1 fall/winter fashion shoe. I believe that these shoes will probably be around for quite awhile.


Lastly, scarves will never die out! Especially for this time of the year! You can wear one on-the-go, at a family party during the holidays, at school on a cold or windy day, etc.


All these trends are ever lasting and fun ways to enjoy fall this year!

-Saraih Romo


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