Many people believe that chess originated in India in the sixth century, A.D. Later on, the Persians created a modern version of the game. The game spread throughout the Islamic world after the Muslim conquest of Persia. Chess reached Russia through Mongolia, then was introduced into Spain by the Moors in the 10th Century. Chess also found its way across Siberia into Alaska.

Chess is a very complicated game with a rich history. Did you know the number of possible ways of playing the first four moves for both sides in a game of chess is 318,979,564. Another interesting fact about chess is about the folding chessboard, which was invented by a priest who was forbidden to play chess. He made it so it could be easily put away and hidden. Interestingly enough, word “Checkmate,” comes from the Persian Phrase, “Shah Mat,” which means “King.”


There is so much history in the game of Chess, and one of the ways to learn is by joining the LSA Chess Club. They meet every Wednesday during lunch. If you’re interested in learning, or just want to see them play, you should stop by., They’ll be more then happy to have you there. You can ask Wade Johnson. He has been playing chess for 12 years. Also you can ask Conor Cooley, who has been playing for 10 years. Conor claims, “he beats his sister every time.” If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. The members of the Chess Club at LSA have a lot patience and will teach you. Chess is a game of skill and it’s very interesting. Give it a try you might just like it.

-Raoul Diaz


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