An Overview of Australian Politics

Many students are only have a basic understanding of foreign politics. This is most likely caused by lack of teaching of foreign politics in primary and secondary school, however with the Spring Tour coming up that is traveling to Oceania, it would be useful t have a general knowledge of how Australia’s system of government functions.

While the United States is a constitutional republic, Australia is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Like America they have 3 branches of government. These are: The Legislature, (which is made of the commonwealth parliament), The Executive, (The Sovereign of Australia, whose executive power is exerciser by the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, Ministers and their Departments), and the Judiciary, (which is made of The High Court of Australia.) The largest parties in Australia are the Liberal Party of Australia and the Labor Party of Australia. Unlike America, coalitions are often formed between parties that allow for split power. This allows for a balanced government where more parties can get into office.

In conclusion, although Australian politics may be similar to American politics, they also have many differences.

Zachary Hanson



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