Meet Reet: New International Student from India!


I believe it is no longer unfamiliar for us to have international students walking in the campus, however, this specific year we welcomed a new girl student from India who is a junior named –Reet Singh.

The first question we asked Reet was “why did you come to the United States?” I could tell that the main purpose to come to the United States is to receive higher education. It is true that the level of high school schooling is higher in India, nevertheless the college level studies are more attractive here in the United States. Because she is from another country, she tells the differences of these two nations by saying that high school life in India is quite tough compared to normal American high schools. She also points out the time in the U.S.A. is a little behind the eastern nations, which became her concern for the first week.

Talking about the food, which kinds do you think are going to be the stereotype of American food? Pizza, burger, chips, these are basically the tokens of classic American food. In fact, Reet says she likes to try diverse cuisines from all over the world, as long as there is no chicken and no beef in the food.

If you are done with the food, what is the impression of LSA to a new student? You may ask. So here is the answer I’ve got from her. “My first impression of LSA has been really good. It comes out for me as a culturally valued school with kind and down to earth people who are always ready to help you. The biggest thing is the endless faith they have in God.” said Reet.

The last interview question I asked is this, “how do you feel you’re the same as other students? How are you feel different?” If you have already communicated with Reet, it is not hard to tell that Reet speaks a quite fluent English. This makes her feel that she is a part of the group, and not being out of space, most importantly she considers she can get along with each other more easier. The reason she considers herself different is that she is from another culture. We share different religious values. She learned very much about “to respect your own as well as other religions”.

Finally I want to say welcome to our LSA family! I really hope you can learn well and live joyfully!

-Interview conducted by Nate Zhong


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