There’s a Light at the End of the Highway

Yes, it’s true. The 91 freeway in Corona will be completed by May 9, 2017. The total project cost is estimated at 1.4 billion dollars. The six-mile corridor of the highway is set to include a 3,700-foot toll bridge connecting the 15 freeway to the 91.


Once completed, the 91 freeway project is expected to reduce traffic delays by an average of 12 minutes per day during peak hours when traveling on new, regular lanes. Drivers will save an estimated 78 minutes per day when using the express toll lanes. Don’t forget, there will also be a carpool lane.


If the work is not completed by the set date, the contractors could be fined $94,000 for each day they are late. Hopefully that will be enough to keep them motivated to meet their deadline of May 9. Pretty soon we’ll all have to find something new to complain about since, with any luck, we won’t be complaining about the construction work anymore. However, even with 12 minutes less of traffic, congestion on these freeways is still bound to be an issue.


If you need more information you can visit the City of Riverside web page, there you’ll get all the information about the project and the freeway closures, with dates and times. You can also sign up for construction alerts.

(All information gathered from Riverside County Transportation.)



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