The Note 7 Comes Out With a Bang!

Phones, Phones, Phones. A necessity for today’s age. Whether you have the new iPhone7, or an old S2, you probably have a cell phone of some kind. But one particular phone has something missing. No, not the iPhone 7’s headphone jack. It is the Note 7’s fire extinguisher.

Although innovative,these phones have been blowing up around the world. Although around 100 out of the estimated 2.5 million phones have exploded, this has caused a stir in the technology world.


Samsung’s stock has dropped greatly, in the recent weeks. This is definitely a problem, as Samsung’s main competitor, Apple, has just released their controversial iPhone 7, with its Hissgate and nonexistent headphone jack. Samsung has done a total recall of the bombs, and are trying to replace them as soon as possible. But as it is hard to make at least 3 million phones in less than a month. People are returning them very quickly and trading it for Samsung’s other flagship phone: the S7 and its counterpart, the S7 Edge.

This is definitely hurting Samsung’s reputation, but if they do a good job on the recall, they may be safe. I myself have Note 7, and think it is a great phone. I had to change my phone and get a safe one, but many people are not willing to get another one. Overall, these phones are one of the top of 2016, but this battery issue is the only thing that stops it from trumping the rest.

-by Stephen Song


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