Safety First?


The new school year has gotten off to a great start, with students now able to make new friends and catch up with old ones. It has been an awesome experience. But as a new school year begins, a new rule set must also be applied.

One of the more noticeable rule changes this year is the disappearance of the off-campus lunch rule. In years passed, juniors and seniors were able to go off campus to eat during the lunch hour if they had a permit signed by their parents and owned a car. The disappearance of the rule seemed sudden and has been seen as both good and bad from students. One senior says that they have mixed emotions of this rule. “It sucks to not be able to go out anymore, but I can see why they have put this rule up.”

The reason that the school board voted to make this change was due to a growing concern with student safety. Parents and teachers both were concern with potentially unsafe situations created by rushing to get food and return to campus in time. Additionally, the world has become an increasingly unsafe place and keeping students safe was a primary concern. Not knowing what students were on campus and what students had left posed another safety risk in case there was an emergency on campus.

La Sierra Academy was the last local Adventist school to allow off-campus lunch. Other schools have had issues and concerns  and made the switch and now it has finally come to an end for us too. Many students are upset that this privilege has been taken away,  but this shouldn’t be seen as only a bad thing. Unfortunately, you never know what will happen in the world now.

-Stephen Song


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