Meet the New Staff @ LSA!

LSA has two new staff members, P.E teacher Ms. JoAnn Mauries and groundskeeper Mr. Jacob Guy. I had the pleasure to interview them both so we can know them a little better.

Coach Jo.jpg

Let me first introduce you to Ms.JoAnn Mauries. My interview was a little short due to Ms. Mauries had a staff meeting. She told me that she has been teaching for two year. She went to San Gabriel and P.U.C. I asked her if she liked teaching P.E. she told me “Yes, it’s not hard .” Her favorite food is Mexican, and her favorite holiday is Christmas, because she spends it with family. She also thinks,” LSA is a good school.” Like I said the interview was short and fast, but we get to know a little more about her.


Now let me introduce are new groundskeeper, Mr. Jacob Guy. He has been doing this job since he was in high school. He is married and has two boys ages 1 and 10. I asked him if this job was hard,  and he told me, “Yes and No, mostly challenging.” and also said “this job comes with a lot of responsibilities, and you have to be able to be flexible and multitask at the same time.” He also said, “You have to be able to balance your day, because anything can pop-up.”

Even with their busy schedule they still made an effort to answer my question, and I would like to thank them both for accepting my interview.

-Raoul Diaz



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