Class of 2020 Officers!

As soon as the new school year begins, the freshman class has their own officers. I’m so joyful that I received the interview question from both the President of the freshmen class, and one of its sponsor to see how they run this new class.

“I feel like you have to set an example for your class and go the extra mile for them,” Evan Anacaya, the freshmen class President says. According to Evan, he is pretty excited in running the class for this year. What’s more, he also told me that he actually knows a decent portion of the freshmen already, which is always a fantastic thing for a officer.

Within the officer group, Josh Cantos is the officer who walks close the most with Evan. They were friends since Kindergarten, and their families know each other pretty well too. I personally look forward to seeing how excellently they work together, and what kind of sparks they are going to make.

Also, as I said, one of the sponsors, Mrs. Mize says she has a impression of great class spirit when she sees this new class. “They are loud, as well as enthusiastic, which is quite a GREAT thing, however, it takes effort to get them organized.” Hopefully these new officers and sponsors are up for the challenge!


It is absolutely a nice thing to have interviewed people in freshmen class, and see the enthusiasm within them through their eyes. To end, I’d like to echo Mrs. Mize’s sentiments from my interview when she said, “I think a lot of amazing things are going to come from this class!”

-by Nate Zhong


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