Campus Development!

This year saw the dream of many students finally realized: an air conditioning unit in the school gym!

Students didn’t seem to enjoy having P.E. classes in the gym claiming that it was “too hot.” In fact, the A.C. unit was just recently installed and the students are looking forward to nice, cool, P.E. classes. When interviewed, Coach Ben replied “I think it’s exciting!” when he was asked what he thinks about the new A.C. unit.

The students are equally as happy about the new A.C. unit. One student commented saying “It’ll be nice because it can be cool in the gym now.” Another student commented saying “I’m glad we have one now.” Now with the new A.C. unit, we can exercise in the nice, cool, air in the gym!

unnamed (1).jpg

A big thanks to the people involved who decided to get the new A.C. unit!

-Alessandro Franchini


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